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Address: 325 Lake Westmoreland Rd. 

Westmoreland, TN 37186

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Option #1 - Bring Your Own Food

For day time events, if you bring your own food, or have it catered by an outside restaurant, we will charge an additional $20 per hour for a kitchen supervisor to be present in order to keep our kitchen sanitized and to state health codes due to the use of our kitchen as a restaurant.. You will not be allowed to use restaurant equipment without speaking directly to the caterer and getting permission. During the venue's off-time our caterer uses the kitchen for her restaurant, and if it gets contaminated unknowingly, it would be her license in jeopardy. Therefore, for her protection and yours we charge $20 more an hour for this option.

Option #2 - Catering 

More information coming soon in regard to catering prices and options.

No Food Option

To keep your event fee to a minimum, you can rent our facilities with no food present.